Meet the WDS Attendees: Part I


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Last year I attended WDS for the first time. At this point, I’m sure there are some of my friends who are a little tired of hearing about how amazing the conference was. I bring it up here again because I’m now in the planning phase for attending again this year. I’m excited, you see.

Looking back at some of the videos from last year, I ran across those showcasing some of the attendees. Essentially, every attendee is invited to submit their story. If chosen, they are given a couple of minutes on the stage to tell it to everyone else. Based on those who I met and talked with, I can’t image how the WDS team is able to choose. There are so many amazing stories.

This first video is going to highlight those whose stories centered around the $100 Investment done at WDS 2012. At the end of the conference, every paid attendee was given $100 USD cash to invest. The rules were rather simple. They were to invest it in a project, another person or charity. Basically, they were to use it to make the world a better place.

Here’s Chris Guillebeau explaining it to the attendees:

Attendees were asked to share what they did with the money, and to be honest some of those stories were part of the impetus for my wanting to attend the following year.

Here are some of those attendees a year later reporting on how they used their investment:

Next week, I’ll share some more amazing stories from the 2013 WDS attendees.