The Welsh Musical Heritage

A few months ago I took a short holiday in the beautiful Welsh countryside. While I have ancestors who came from this particularly beautiful and pastoral part of the British Isles, I’d never spent any time there. My trips to the UK generally consisted of visits mainly to London and its surrounds. Wales was a […]


Christmas Music

One of many things I really love about the Christmas season is the music. My listening habits and tuned radio stations change for this short season every year. I just really love Christmas songs. There are many that are fun, and some that are silly. However, I’d be happy if I never had to listen […]


The Songs Belong to Everyone

Music is one of the most precious gifts we all share collectively. It moves us in ways that nothing else can. It opens the eyes, broadens the mind and reaches a part of the soul beyond the senses. Beautiful music is the art of the prophets that can calm the agitations of the soul; it […]


Reality TV’s Redeeming Quality

It’s been a long day. I’m tired. Flopping down on the hotel bed in <insert your favorite foreign country here>, I flip through the TV channels hoping to find something in English or that I can follow in the local language. Lately, it seems I’ll invariably stubble onto some American-produced reality TV tripe like Here […]


Virtual Choir 4: Bliss

For those who have followed the Virtual Choir from its earliest days, it is gratifying to see what it has become. As it has grown, putting it together has become much more of a production. So for those of you who don’t think they can sing, you can now participate in another way. This time […]


Universal Language

A wonderful quote about music one will find floating around the Internet (sometimes cited, sometimes not), was given by David O. McKay in April General Conference 1945: Music is truly the universal language, and when it is excellently expressed how deeply it moves our souls. I love music. I truly do love it for a […]


Water Night

Earlier this evening, the launch event for Eric Whitacre‘s Virtual Choir 3, ‘Water Night‘, occurred at New York City‘s Lincoln Center. All in all, 2,945 people in 73 different countries, including war-torn Syria, provided 3,746 videos to the project. It is truly a world-wide choir. So, here we have people from all over the world […]


One Day

Inside of iTunes there is a playlist named “Top 25 Most Played”, which lists what iTunes considers to be one’s favorite songs. Obviously, the more one listens to the song, the more one must like it. Stands to reason. Now, in my case, iTunes actually holds only a minor part of my overall music library, […]


Man, Music and the World

Music has the ability to move people, and therefore, by extension, to move the world. It is part of who we are as people. One only needs watch a child at play and at dance to see the music and movement given us before the world around us tries to beat it out of us. […]


High School and the Art of Conducting

Today was one of those days, necessitating a little away time from anything computer related. So, after work, I threw on a little Florence + the Machine and headed down to the Springville Museum of Art, which is conveniently open late on Wednesdays. Art makes me happy. Serendipitously, there were two things going on tonight […]

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