Little Actions

The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts.
~ John Locke ~

When we discuss Chaos Theory (whether we understand or don’t), we inevitably start with they idea of the Butterfly Effect, where small changes at the outset of a system can have profound effects on the outcome.

Now, I’m not so concerned about the butterfly in New York affecting the weather in Shanghai. What I do worry about, however, is the chain effect of our human interactions with one another.

It’s the little actions that matter.

Earlier last year, Thai Life Insurance launched the first of a series of commercials. It went viral, and is known as “Unsung Hero”. If you haven’t seen it, here it is.

Every day, the unsung hero does a series of small, kind acts. Some look on disapprovingly or with a jaded heart. It then asks:

What does he get in return for doing this every day?
He gets nothing.
He won’t be richer,
Won’t appear on TV—
Still anonymous,
and not a bit more famous.
What he does receive are emotions.
He witnesses happiness,
Reaches a deeper understanding,
Feels the love,
Receives what money can’t buy:
A world made more beautiful.

Little actions. Small kindnesses. A more beautiful world.

Here’s another story from the same company that was just released earlier this month. You can keep up with all of their videos on Thai Good Stories, a website set up by Thai Life Insurance to promote more of these stories.

There are always chances around us to do good. Let’s not let those moments for little actions to pass us by.

The result will be a world made more beautiful.

A right act strikes a chord that extends through the whole universe, touches all moral intelligence, visits every world, vibrates along its whole extent, and conveys its vibrations to the very bosom of God!
~ Thomas Binney ~

About Trev Harmon

Software architect, educator, blogger, photographer, would-be designer, and a believer in the power of simplicity and human-based design. Dream-Learn-Discover


  1. Es genial poder compartir gustos de esta clase con otras personas,siempre y cuando cada quien admita las creencias del otro y de este modo.
    Yo opino que algo que está arruinando un tanto la imagen de los enttusiastas o bien “Otakus” son esas personas que
    llegan a extremos de otuscarse tanto que comienzan a decir
    frases del anime en japones o bien actuar como algunos personajes, es bueno que te guste pero en mi caso
    ese tipo dee cosas no son agradables dde ver en publico y lo digo como fanática.

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