One Day

Inside of iTunes there is a playlist named “Top 25 Most Played”, which lists what iTunes considers to be one’s favorite songs. Obviously, the more one listens to the song, the more one must like it. Stands to reason. Now, in my case, iTunes actually holds only a minor part of my overall music library, and the counters have unfortunately be reset several times. However, I was interested to see what was currently topping the list: One Day by Matisyahu.

Now, if you don’t know who Matisyahu is, here’s a quick summary. He is an American reggae and alternative rock musician who blends Jewish themes into his music. It’s a really interesting combination.

The first time I ran into Matisyahu’s song One Day was on Life Vest Inside‘s Kindness Boomerang video, an embodiment of the Pay It Forward Experience.

Life Vest Inside’s Mission:

By creating an exciting and accessible kindness experience, we will become more aware of the opportunities that surround us and recognize our potential to change the world, simply by changing ourselves.

Even the children of the PS22 Chorus did a version of the song. To add to that, Matisyahu actually visited the school and sang with the children.

After watching the video, one user, mn06541, commented:

Look at this! Hundreds of years ago who would’ve thought that we’d see Asian, Hispanic, White, Black, Jewish, Christian, Protestant, all together in one peace. This is proof right here for Matisyahu..what he’s waiting for, praying for is right in front of him. We have come so far, and I can see by just looking at these kids- their passion- they are going to change our world. This is something incredible. I almost wish this video would have been what Matisyahu used for his music video 🙂

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