Checkmate: NvW Game #1 Complete

The first game of Nathan vs. the World is now complete. It finished with Nathan checkmating the “world team”. You can check out how the entire game unfolded on the game’s project page.


Nathan vs. the World Game #1 Now Online

This is just a quick note to let everyone know the interactive viewer for Nathan vs. the World Game #1 is now online and available. It’s taken a bit of work, but it’s fun to be able to explore the data surrounding the game and the decisions that are being made. As of today, our […]


Introducing “Nathan vs. the World”

Today I am introducing the first of hopefully many projects: Nathan vs. the World. This is a little social experiment being conducted by me and my friend Nathan Wells. You can read all about it in the project’s homepage. I’ll make announcements at important points in the experiment here in the main stream, but minor […]

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