• Nathan Wins: 9 May 2012
  • 50 votes per round
  • Move with highest vote wins
  • 25 extra votes to break ties

This was the first full game in the Nathan vs. the World project. Consequently, Nathan and I weren’t exactly sure what to expect, though we had some suspicions. But, needless to say, it has been rather interesting. We’ve had a lot of people from around the world participate:

655 Players from 41 Countries

This number includes those whose suggested moves were rejected as being invalid.

One thing that has become very apparent is that because this group generally lacks overall context on what is happening (many of the players each round have not been consistently playing), putting together a consistent strategy has been difficult for the “world team”. In a number of circumstances, players were voting to basically undo the last move the team made. Additionally, we’ve had a few jokers/traitors, as well, who have seemed intent on trying to submarine their team. But, that’s all part of the fun, and something the voting system appears to be moderating.

Feel free to play with our interactive game viewer below.

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